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PFS remains one of the most efficient and results-oriented networking systems developed. 

As a member of PFS, you are invited into an organized, structured, and positive sales environment…

  • Where the emphasis is on generating quality leads and referrals for you.

  • Where there is a focus on your business growth

  • Where you can practice and improve upon the sales and educational delivery of your product or service

  • Where you have no competition


All the members of your group become your TEAM!  They are just as passionate to help you grow your business through sales leads as they are about growing theirs.  Develop relationships with your members so that each of you Know, Like and Trust each other.

Why PFS?
  • Focused on B2B lead referrals

  • Two meetings per month for 1 hour each meeting

  • Organized, and structured meetings

  • Leads are passed verbally, so everyone can use them

  • Low barrier to entry costs

  • Only 1 fee, annually

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