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Why choose PFS?



Our meetings are completed in ONE hour. Our Meeting Directors’ pride themselves on beginning and ending each meeting on time.

Our monthly meeting time commitment is twice a month for 1 hour each meeting.  However, some preparation on gathering referrals is needed between meetings.



As a Member of PFS, you will have no competing industries in your group.  You will be the sole representative from your industry where all the leads go directly to you. 

We highly encourage one to one meetings outside of our regular meeting dates to promote the relationship to grow so that you deeply get to know each other and the product and/or services that each offer.



We at PFS feel strongly about this groups' focus on business to Business members.  We pride ourselves to stay focused on share qualified leads in the B2B space.


When we meet for our 2 meetings per month, all Leads are passed verbally.  Our philosophy is that anyone in the group may be able to use the lead either now or in the future.  

For Example, A lead is given from Michele to Angela, who sells office furniture, that a new company is coming to town.  Michele shares that they will be needing office furniture for their space and a contact name and information is given to Angela. Others, like a sign company, building contractor, electrician, and interior designer could use that same information. So if they are a member, they are able to use it to grow their business.

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